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  • Classic Beef Chili: Made from a tasty, slow simmered recipe with a savory blend of spicy chili flavors and choice ingredients, this savory chili is sure to please. 14 grams of protein per serving
  • Pop the Top and Serve: This can features an easy-pull top for quick and convenient meal prep. Our chili is gluten free with no artificial ingredients or preservatives added. Can coatings are BPA free
  • Pour on the Flavor: Our chili makes a great topping for hot dogs, french fries and chips. Try it in casseroles, Mac and cheese, hot dishes, enchiladas, spaghetti and more, or just enjoy it on its own
  • Try Them All: We make an array of delicious chilis including with and without beans, less sodium, vegetarian, and with turkey, chicken or beef Find the one you like best to satisfy your chili cravings
  • Since 1936 we’ve brought you the tastiest canned chili, made from choice ingredients and cooked to perfection. It’s no wonder we’re America’s favorite chili from coast to coast


Hormel Chili with Beans is slow cooked to perfection, with flavorful spices, tender meats, and plump beans. It’s perfect for a chili slider. Or 3 chili sliders. No matter the holiday, Hormel Chili is your go to choice for excellent chili taste. Welcome to chili Nation. Hormel is a trademark of Hormel Foods.

6 reviews for with Beans

  1. Stormie Leaf

    Our household favorite

  2. monice williams

    I purchased the chili because my church was going to feed the homeless. The size of the can was just what we needed and the cost was great. The people enjoyed it.

  3. Precise DisarrayPrecise Disarray

    Oddly satisfying. Divine eaten with crackers. I bought it on a whim as I thought the price was reasonable ($16 ish, any more I would have passed on it). I have been adding to my pantry a variety of easy to prepare items. The ingredients list looked good, and I was intrigued enough to want to give it a try. I will eat pretty much anything, so even if I didnt like it I figured I would still end up eating it, or doing something with it to make it better. Has a versatile vibe to it.It’s creamy, kind of gravy like. Doesn’t have a lot of texture, but it does have a mild chili taste. I took a little out from the can and warmed it up, and I also had a couple of bites direct from can. It is good either way, which makes it a great addition to emergency pantry.I had it with a tube of Ritz crackers, and that blew my mind. It super hit the spot. So I imagine a pack of saltines would be perfect too. Ate it like a loose dip. Made me think of blending with cream cheese or something to make a thicker legit quick dip. This stuff is really quite tasty.If I wanted a hearty bowl of chili, then I would be inclined to add something to this. More beans, or more veg, or maybe some rice. More chili taste will need more seasoning. But perfectly fine as is. I had a hankering to put this in some dough to make a pot pie or a hand pie.I would say 4 stars as a basic chili, but the decent ingredients and the fact that I have a craving for this stuff with crackers makes it 5 stars for me.

  4. Anon Customer111

    I like to buy this product for my lunches and then the chili is good enough, that I sometimes grab a can for like an afternoon snack. Really tasty and makes for cheap lunches. A family member was on a diet where they had to avoid animal proteins, so my family had not had chili in like over a year and I was really jonesing for chili. This canned chili really hit the spot for me!

  5. ForeverYOUNG

    Hormel chili with beans – I have a friend who lives in another state and I like to send her shelf stable pantry items – she LOVES Hormel chili – so this was a no brainer. In my opinion – it’s one of least spicy chilis. Tasty as canned chilis go.  Having said all of this, I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful. All of my reviews reflect my honest, personal experience with the reviewed item – your experience may be different. I am not influenced by any outside source. I receive/accept NO free products or discounts that are not available to all shoppers- ever. For some reason our shopper ranks are no longer visible – so, to give you a little more info about me, I am a top 50 reviewer (#30 the highest rank achieved). Those numbers used to fluctuate over time – up and down but I noticed that they stopped updating regularly – perhaps to phase them out. It’s a shame because it did help you see who has been around the longest and who is a trustworthy reviewer.  I’ve been doing reviews for over 25 years with Amazon – over 6,000 reviews posted, those reviews have been viewed well over 50,000 times, including over 24,000 likes. Bottom line, I pay for all my stuff, just like you do.

  6. JoAnn Mooneyham

    So convenient not having to lug a case of chili home from store!

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