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Protein Strawberries & Cream Protein Bars

Protein Strawberries & Cream Protein Bars

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  • PROTEIN BARS: Delicious keto friendly protein bars featuring strawberries and cream with 10 grams of protein per serving, along with less than one gram of sugar, and two grams of net carbs
  • HEALTHY SNACK BARS: Protein bars that will fill you up without loading you up; Contain 10 grams protein and five grams fiber so you’ll feel like one smart cookie when you say ‘yes’ to your sweet tooth
  • STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM: Don’t compromise on great taste when you can enjoy the irresistable taste of strawberries and cream in these Protein One 90 Calorie Protein Bars
  • PANTRY AND LUNCH BOX FAVORITE: Grab and go chewy protein bars for an office snack, breakfast, the lunch box, dessert, or an on-the-go invigorating treat
  • CONTAINS: 0.96 oz, five ct

By the makers of FIBER One. A delicious 90-Calorie snack. 10 grams of protein to help you feel full. Good source of fiber!

6 reviews for Protein Strawberries & Cream Protein Bars

  1. Benjamin R Smith

    Good but a bit chewy

    Flavor was good but overall not as good as I hoped for, but as a healthier option to junk food it was top notch

  2. Shannon

    Tastes great

    I like the way these taste. I’m on a low carb plan that comes with food. I ran out of my bars one week and got these. The ratio of carbs to protein is good. They are small but hit the spot. I eat every two to three hours.

  3. matt

    Small but good

    They taste good. They are super small bar compared to the other brands.

  4. Mineralman

    Very Tasty

    These are sturdy treats with substance. Not too light and fluffy almost like a snickers bar but more solid. I really enjoy them.

  5. erin

    High protein, really good, no side effects.

    Only 90 calories for 10 grams of Protein? Sign me up! Really good and don’t make your stomach hurt like the Strawberry and Cream versions of the same bar.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    Great product and good price

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