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Old Crunchy Taco Shells

Old Crunchy Taco Shells

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  • HARD TACO SHELLS: These shells are deliciously crunchy and crispy
  • READY TO FILL: Stuff Old El Paso taco shells with your favorite meats, cheeses, beans and fresh toppings
  • GLUTEN-FREE TACO SHELLS: These crunchy taco shells are made with three ingredients
  • PREPARE QUICKLY: Bake in the oven at 325° F for 6-7 minutes or microwave on high for 45 seconds for deliciously warm tacos
  • CONTAINS: 4.6 oz box (Pack of 12)


Feed the taco frenzy with a 12-count package of Old El Paso Crunchy Taco Shells. Made with only three ingredients, these gluten-free hard taco shells add a satisfying crunch to taco night. Simply add your favorite meats, cheeses, beans and fresh toppings for tasty tacos that are easily customized to make the whole family happy. Tonight, we taco! For more than 80 years, Old El Paso has been bringing families and communities together to celebrate old and new traditions around delicious, Mexican-inspired flavors. We believe that any night can be a taco night, and we’re here to help make it a little easier and a lot more delicious. Our variety of crispy hard taco shells, tasty soft tortillas, flavorful seasonings, and much more help make taco night fun.

3 reviews for Old Crunchy Taco Shells

  1. Ruth Rodriguez

    Too expensive for 1 paint of 12 more cheap is on supermarket. Also ite small as the tacos. Completely ftaud.

  2. David

    $30 for 12 taco shells… Thought it was three boxes of 12 shells. Read the small print next time stupid.

  3. Lynda

    I love the white corn taco shells. I realize that they are harder to ship without being broken. The shells that I received were mostly broken

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