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Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins

Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins

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  • Contains one 4.25-ounce box of Blue Diamond Almonds Cheddar Cheese Nut-Thins
  • A crunchy gluten free cracker made with Almonds and a cheesy taste; certified Kosher
  • A tasty and healthy snack with 3 grams of protein per serving
  • Perfect with your favorite snack dips, cheeses, and spreads. Serve them at your next party and your guests won’t leave until they’re gone.
  • Free of cholesterol and saturated fat – great for adults in the office or kids at school

Nut Thins are a crunchy cracker made with nutritious almonds and baked to perfection. If you love cheese crackers, but don’t want the wheat gluten or all that salt and fat, we have good news for you. Our Cheddar Cheese Nut Thins delivers that great cheese taste in a gluten-free, low- sodium cracker with no cholesterol or saturated fat.

7 reviews for Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins

  1. Momma

    Taste was very good. Cost was too much for amount of product.

    Good taste.

  2. Anonymous

    😡 🤔🤐

    I bought these anticipating a gluten free option I would have on hand when I don’t feel so well. They were so delicious I ate the whole box at once, then I was mad and my mouth hurt from the way too much salt in them. They have way too much salt per serving as is and there is only four servings per box. I only ordered one box. They left me feeling salty, dry, and confused.

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  3. road_warrior

    not many chips for the price and flavor meh

    For this type of product, this was the least favorite of my flavors (cheese) versus others that are honey, oat, grain etc. The cheese flavor was there mildly but seemed a bit off target what I expected, not sure the actual blend of flavor. Again, buying these types of products internet amazon is disappointing how many chips are in the box and the high air packaging used that is almost like false advertising. I would not buy this again.

  4. pleinelune


    You know how sometimes you just need a CRUNCHY, CHEESY, SALTY snack? Want a bit of a binge without all the guilt of downing a bag? These come to the rescue!There is one CAVEAT I will hit at the end.TEXTURE – LOVE the crunch. Hard to beat anything re the crunch and they’re thin enough to not make it hard to bite thru them.TASTE – You get a lot of cheese taste, NOT a typical rice cracker. Blue Diamond, if you’re reading, you COULD cut down on the salt JUST a tad. A LITTLE TOO salty for my taste and I like salty snacks.FAT/CALS – OK, I’ll admit it. When I haven’t had anything really crunchy for awhile, I can eat a box of these in a sitting. Now a box is like a decent cereal bowl size, so not like your eating a tub of them, but about any other snack like this, you’d be blowing your fat and cals for a couple days.You can eat a box of these (four servings) for a little over 500 cals and 16 grams of fat. That’s quite a bit, but not like I do it every day and if I am going to binge (and if you never binge on anything, kudos, I occasionally do), THIS is the snack I do it on.ALSO NO CHOLESTEROL!Sodium is a tad high, you’ll be getting about 44% of your recommended salt for the day, so I just watch my salt intake for the rest of the day.PRICE: GREAT PRICE especially if you have Prime.BOTTOMLINE: THIS is my go to when I want to be bad and eat a bunch of something crunchy and cheesy, but not feel too bad re cals and fat! Will continue to get as long as Amazon carries them.

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  5. Clair dLune

    More crunchy than crispy, deliciously cheesy, and definitely NOT KETO

    These are not bad substitutes for crackers, they are similar, but quite a bit harder.

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  6. VGR

    Taste Great!

    I really like the taste of these Nut Thins. They have a nice cheesy taste and for gluten free the texture is not bad, compared to other gluten free crackers.

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  7. wilabee


    These have a great cheesy taste. Great for throwing in the food processor and making gluten free crumbs to top Mac ‘n cheese or your fav casserole. Just throw the crumbs on top, add a couple pats of butter and bake as usual. Good stuff !

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