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Armour Star Classic Homestyle Beef Stew

Armour Star Classic Homestyle Beef Stew

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  • Twelve 20 oz cans of Armour Star Classic Homestyle Beef Stew Canned Food
  • Canned stew offers a quick, easy meal with great flavor
  • Beef, potatoes and carrots in a rich, hearty gravy
  • Eat right out of the can, or add canned beef stew to your favorite recipes
  • Gluten free food offers a tasty on-the-go meal solution
  • Ready to eat canned meal doesn’t require any cooking
  • Store in the refrigerator after opening to keep fresh


Armour Star Classic Homestyle Beef Stew delivers a quick and easy canned food meal with great flavor. The canned stew offers a delicious recipe of beef, potatoes and carrots in a rich, hearty gravy. This gluten free beef stew can be eaten right out of the can, so you can enjoy this canned stew as a ready to eat meal or snack. Keep the canned beef stew in your pantry for stews and casseroles or as an emergency canned food in your disaster kit. Keep the canned meal refrigerated after opening to maintain freshness. Make any time Armour Star time.

5 reviews for Armour Star Classic Homestyle Beef Stew

  1. TEB

    See my review on a similar product day Ditty More. Both are excellent and a staple in our home.

  2. Mike Roper

    What I don’t like about it, is that it seems kind of greasy/oily. It tastes like a homemade beef stew that should be eaten with bread.

  3. Precise DisarrayPrecise Disarray

    The product pictures are pure BS, but anyone expecting anything coming out of a can shouldnt be gullible enough to think that is what this looks like.I dont hate it, but I dont love it. Like it enough to keep stacking it. It’s got it’s purpose, especially these days and upcoming. It isn’t bad, and I stack these on my shelf for a variety reasons. Now, anyone expecting a quality beef stew on par with homemade will severely disappointed. This is more like a chunky soup. I can say that is has lots of good sized bits of potato and carrot slices. The background flavor is indeed beef, and I dont find it weird tasting. The beef pieces are spongy, reminiscent of canned ground beef rather than chunks of roast. They list “beef”, and so whatever that is, it is soft and spongy, and there is plenty of it. The liquid is thicker than a broth but not as thick as a gravy. Add a little flour to thicken it up if need be.Loaded with sodium like most canned goods. Be careful, one can is ridiculously considered “2 servings”. that will overblow your sodium content for the day.Overall… for what I buy it for.. I am pleased. I dont eat this stuff often. It really isnt my go to. But I do have a robust pantry, and I keep stuff like this on hand for quick desperate meals, for using as a sort of flavor base (keep as is, or blend), for adding over rice, pasta, etc. Make up a bunch of buttered toast and dip it in this? Mmmm yes. Quick, easy comfort food. Got someone who cant chew real well? This stuff can be gummed. Or can be blended to make for a beefy smoothie (gross sounding, but people have issues that may benefit from this knowledge).The price on this stuff has gone up a lot. Inflation, and food shortage combined. If you can get it for less than $3 per can (04/2022) then it is still holding at older pricing (I think $2.85 at DollarGeneral). If you are looking to stack your pantry, this is worthwhile to have. Gives some variety, convenience. Need a can opener. I know reviews are totally unfavorable, but this brand is reasonably (so far) priced, and has the most natural taste. I dont cringe eating it- no off taste, or after taste. Maybe grab a can from the store before committing to a case, or jump on getting the case and keeping it for emergency (or give away).Know what you are getting this for, understand the limitations of taste and texture, and then proceed if you so desire. 4 stars from me. Not because it is necessarily better than others (in some cases yes), but because it fills a need, meets expectations (I set them low, haha), and the taste isnt too shabby. Also, my cans are all good. No dents. And, I bought another case.

  4. Sam I Am

    It’s alright. I like it better than Dinty Moore. Cause I don’t like huge hunks of meat. So take that how you will. These are a must for the times of Coronavirus quarantine. The 20 oz cans are huge. And 12 of them should last us awhile.The taste is. Alright. I’ve definitely had worse. And during these times. One can’t be too picky. I am high risk. So trips to the store for fresh meat and produce is not an option.Tonight I made the recipe on the can. For the corn bread casserole. I added chili beans, a can of tomatoes, some frozen peppers, and a good amount of chili powder. It actually turned out REALLY good. So if you purchase these. I highly recommend the recipe on the can. Even if you don’t really like the stew flavor itself. The tomatoes and chili powder cover the flavor. It comes out tasting like corn bread and chili. And one can made enough. That I was able to bag up the left overs in my food saver and freeze them.

  5. Anna pertuset


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