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Spiced Coconut Spinach

This is a quick post for an easy, fast and spinach-packed side dish. It’s the type of thing I get excited about – simple, but

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Glazed Lemon Cake

If you love to bake, you likely have a lemon cake in your repertoire. This is mine and I’ve been making variations on it for

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Edible Flowers

I like to use edible flowers – both fresh and dried – in my cooking. The fragrance, the color, the range of petal shapes –

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Pickled Cauliflower

Pickled cauliflower is great to have on hand. You can make it with any color cauliflower you like, although I can’t resist purple cauliflower because

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50 Vegan Recipes

Great vegan recipes are like gold. Especially when they feature whole foods, and lots of plants. This type of cooking supports your health and overall

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